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Biotech Pharma is proud to be associated with some of the well-established and recognized pharmaceutical companies in the pharma industry. Please visit this page to get more details about our partners.


The pharmaceutical company medac GmbH has been offering innovative and tested therapeutic agents for the fields of oncology, haematology and urology, for rheumatic, gastrointestinal and dermatological autoimmune diseases and for the neurosurgery sector for forty years. The decisive criterion is good tolerability alongside an optimum effect. 

medac GmbH also offers products to alleviate the side effects of cancer drugs, such as dry mouth or hand-foot syndrome. medac’s range also includes an anticoagulant product for the medicinal dissolution of blood clots, or “fibrinolysis” as it is known. 

In addition to the wide range of established therapeutic agents, medac GmbH also places great importance on the research and further development of products that are only used for very rare diseases. The focus here is on concrete assistance and the wellbeing of the patient. 

Medac & Biotech Pharma are collaborating in the field of Sales and business development for the Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain & Lebanon markets.

In 2012; Medac & Biotech established a Centre of Regulatory Excellence “CoRE/MENA” in Dubai to ensure smooth and effective processing of registration in MENA, Turkey, Sri Lanka, India & Pakistan.

For Further Information you may visit: http://international.medac.de/home/ 

TRB Chemedica

TRB Chemedica is a medium-sized Swiss pharmaceutical company, with a focus on research, development and marketing of innovative niche products in specific therapeutic areas, including rheumatology, ophthalmology and neurology. We market a range of ethical pharmaceuticals and medical devices, most of which are patented, in more than 60 countries worldwide.    

TRB Chemedica is a growing organisation currently employing more than 700 people worldwide. The international headquarters are located in Geneva, Switzerland, with subsidiaries in Argentina, Austria, Brazil, Central America, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, Malaysia, Mexico, Poland, Singapore, Switzerland, Thailand, the United Kingdom and a representative office in Russia. Our plan for the future is to increase our in-house manufacturing capacity, continue to develop the subsidiaries, and extend the distribution network to cover more countries around the world.

TRB Chemedica is committed to growth in the international arena 

The mission of TRB Chemedica Group is to develop innovative and patented pharmaceutical products and medical devices in niche therapeutic areas: rheumatology, ophthalmology and neurology.

 For Further Information you may visit: https://www.trbchemedica.com/  

Intermed S.a.

Intermed S.A. was founded in 1996 by Kleon Tsetis, a pharmacist who envisioned a new innovative industrial manufacturing plant in the medical field, which would contribute to the natural, non-pharmaceutical treatment of everyday needs  as well as specific health issues, which affect people of today.

During its operation, Intermed S.A. has demonstrated a continuing upward route, thanks to its innovative dermocosmetic, parapharmaceutical and pharmaceutical products which were developed with the guidance of its inspired founder, the result of which successful course is the establishment of Brands such as Unisept, Chlorhexil, Eva, Reval etc in the Greek and International Markets.

For Further Information you may visit: http://www.intermed.com.gr/en/homes/ 

Alfa laboratories

ALFA is today the largest Lebanese I.V solutions manufacturer, hemodialysis solutions, premixed hemodialysis powders and sodium bicarbonate cartridges producer. Medical devices are produced in a class C clean room built since 1990.

Established in 1973 under the technical collaboration from Cutter Laboratories Inc. U.S to manufacture Intra-Venous solutions. From automatic liquid packaging machines then, to state of the art printing and filling Swiss SAPA machines which is a subsidiary of Baxter laboratories.

ALFA has diversified to fill glass bottles, oral rehydration solutions, nasal sprays and disinfectants in addition to serum pouches and ampoules. Currently exporting to some Middle Eastern and African countries. ALFA is fully compliant with all the international and national norms specially the cGMP and ISO standards, this help us execute the Alfa Laboratories strategy in line with our mission and vision. ALFA has implemented the barcoding system to help customers manage their inventories since poor inventory management causes a high percentage of business failure (shortage or surplus).

For Further Information you may visit: http://alfalabs.com.lb/about/ 


Nephro-tech is a pharmaceutical company based in USA has provided high quality pharmaceuticals & supplements at affordable costs for Renal Dialysis.

Our Product Range from Nephron FA, Nephlex RX, Vital-D RX, Magnebind 300,   Magnebind 400, Calphron and RenaPlex.

For Further Information you may visit: http://www.nephrotech.com/index.html 

Bioplax Limited

Bioplax Limited is an investing company in the medical field, with oral products related.

The company’s strong points are its international patents, health registrations in various countries, and clinical and scientific evidences (ie. the quality, safety and efficacy of its products).

Bioplax Limited engineered and developed a line of Medical Devices exclusively devoted to answer to the pathology of R.O.A.U. (Recurrent Oral Aphtous Ulceration) branded Aftamed® already distributed with success in the most important EU countries.

For Further Information you may visit: https://bioplaxpharma.com/ 

Glomac Medical is a young specialty medical and cosmetics company with decades of experience in the MENA Region, Asia & Latin America, providing the best services in fast and sustainable market access, established in 2016, located in Hamburg, North of Germany.

SIPIS specialize in the fields of regulatory, compliance, market access and intellectual property services with experience in Middle East countries and selected International markets. Their multidisciplinary consultants will help you access the dynamic and changing Middle East markets by shortening approval time of your products. The internal and external experts possess extensive experience in Middle East & North Africa (MENA) countries regulatory requirements for best result achievement.


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